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America for Bulgaria Foundation Building

America for Bulgaria Foundation

Sofia, Bulgaria

Restoration of the interior and exterior of a cultural building in the heart of the Bulgarian capital.

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”  It is with high confidence that we recommend the services of Ligna Group Ltd. … Ligna Group did an outstanding job in meeting all our requirements in a timely manner. In addition, its experts provided innovative solutions to challenging design issues due to the specifics of this demanding project. We were pleased with the entire process – from quotes to shop drawings and samples to final project, both the quality of the workmanship and Ligna’s customer service were excellent.

… We were extremely satisfied with the final product in terms of functionality and aesthetics. Throughout the project, Ligna’s experts were available to make last minute changes, offer professional advice, and ensure timely delivery.

… It is because of Ligna’s professionalism, attentive customer service, attention to detail, quality and timeliness of delivery that we highly recommend it as an excellent vendor. “

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